Here are a few sites that I have created over the past few years.  Click on a thumbnail image to view the site in a new window.

Daylight Saving Time Sites


No DST for AZ was created in early 2015 after an Arizona state legislator filed a bill to start Daylight Saving Time in Arizona.  (It’s hot in most of the state; we don’t need any more daylight!  We can’t wait for the sun to go down so it’ll start to cool off.)  This site, along with it’s Twitter feed, helped convince the legislator to withdraw his bill in under a week.  My involvement with Arizona Daylight Saving Time spilled over to other states, and inspired the Time Zone Report, next panel.

Time Zone Report

Time Zone Report was created in 2015 to track US state legislation relating to Daylight Saving Time and Time Zone changes.  This activity starts up early in each calendar year (some states allow filing of bills in the latter part of the prior year), and runs hot for a few months… then dwindles down.  Posts to this site automatically feed Twitter via @TimeZoneReport.

Personal Sites

Here are a few sites I created for some of my own interests.

Ray’s Blog

My personal blog site, with recipes, etc.  I’m not a frequent blogger, but there are times when I want to post something for others to view, perhaps historically.  This really is mostly a blog site, with very little static information on it.

Ray’s Technical and 3D Printing Site

Another personal blog, but with a more technical focus.  I do link to this from some sites where I post techie stuff, so it’s nice to be able to keep this stuff separate.  Again, it’s primarily a blog site, with not much static info.

Up Close Imagery – Looking Through a Microscope

I took some pictures through a microscope, and thought they were interesting.  I hadn’t experimented with a gallery-type site before, and had hoped to add many more images to it… but there’s only so many hours in a day!

Business & Community Sites

Lower Your Cell Phone Bill

Helping business customers lower their corporate cell phone bills.  In my consulting life I ran into someone who does this for a living, and so I built a simple landing-page site that would hopefully attract a few new customers.

Rio Crossing

I live in a community called Rio Crossing, and before joining the board I was concerned that homeowners weren’t able to get enough information about the community. This is my “unofficial information” site.