Export/Import from a WordPress.org Hosted Site

A few months ago, I inherited a web site hosted on WordPress.org called HOA Perspectives.  I’ve been wanting to reorganize and update the site a bit, but the free hosting at WordPress.org doesn’t permit installation of plug-ins — and there are other limitations.  This morning I exported the contents using the Tools/Export function, and then — after creating a Managed WP hosting site on GoDaddy — I imported the contents here.

Seems like most things came across without a hitch, though there was a significant error listing.  I’m still perusing and fixing up a little, but I thought I’d create this post and then also update it along the way with whatever glitches I found.

Steps Taken

Here’s how I went about it:

  1. On the WordPress.org site, I logged in to wp-admin and selected the Tools/Export menu.  Here you get two options, a “Guided Transfer” (for $129, someone at WordPress.org will do the export/import to one of their partners, either BlueHost or Pressable), or the simple “Export” function (which is free).  I clicked the Export window’s Start Export button, make sure the All Content option is selected, and click the Download Export File button.  You won’t immediately get an export file… the export will run and then you (or another administrator, perhaps) will receive an Email with a link to a Zip file containing the export.
  2. In a couple of minutes I got the Email notification, I clicked the link, and downloaded the Zip file.
  3. I logged into GoDaddy and went to the ManagedWP page, then added a new host, assigning my domain name HOAPerspectives.com to it.
  4. I checked on the theme used by the original site; it was Twenty Ten.  I installed Twenty Ten on the new site, then activated it.
  5. I unzipped the downloaded/exported contents file — an XML file of about 600KB.
  6. I logged into the new site’s wp-admin page and went to the Tools/Import menu.  There are several options on the resulting page, and at the bottom there is simply “WordPress”.  You may have to “install” this importer (I did), and then click the “Run Importer” link.  There were a couple of easy questions along the way — so easy, I can’t remember what they were!
  7. Eventually I got a pretty long list of errors.  I copied them here for you to see.

That’s all there was to it.  I’m in the process of checking out both sites to see what’s different.

Import Glitches

The first very noticeable thing is that the web site name and tag line aren’t imported at all… the title of “A WordPress Site” and tag line of “Just another WordPress site” were left over from the just-installed WordPress core.

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