Set Up On GoDaddy

I'll help you get an account set up with GoDaddy, and help you choose a domain name or two.  I can also get your Email set up on your newly-created domain name!

Start Up WordPress

I'll help you get a WordPress-hosted site set up, with some initial content, including a landing page, About, Contact, FAQ, and even help you get your first blog post live!

Monthly Monitoring

You'll want your WordPress site to be up-to-date -- but you have better things to do than monitor WordPress!  I'll monitor your site and keep it running smoothly.


It doesn't have to be expensive...

Your initial web site for a start-up shouldn't break the bank on Day 1.  I specialize in getting small web sites up in a minimum amount of time, and I'll bill you a small fee monthly to monitor and keep your site updated.

Plenty of room to grow!

Once your site is up and running and we're helping your customers find you, we can work together to expand the content in a variety of ways.  We can link your WordPress site to your social media accounts, allowing you to hit all of them from one place!


Call me...

Send me an Email, give me a call, or click the Request Help button and tell me what you're looking for.  Let's make it easy to get the word out... without making more work for you.