Want a Quick Web Site?

You can have a web site similar to this one in under a day!  I built this one in about 30 minutes… though I already had a few things set up and figured out before I got started.

If you have a solid idea about what you want your web site to say, I can help you get yours up and running very quickly.

And it’s not all that expensive: I charge a $150 one-time set-up fee for a WordPress-based web site.  That includes setting up a variety of informative pages — up to about 20 or so.  If you want an eCommerce site (to sell things online) or other special capabilities, that’s extra… we’ll talk about that in detail before we get started, so there’s no surprises.

Here’s what we’ll do — together.

Step 1 – Select a Domain Name

You might already have a business name selected.  If so, I’ll help you pick a domain name that fits.  If your name is already unique, we might be able to get your business name… but we might have to get creative.

Cost: Built in to the set-up fee.

Step 2 – Set Up WordPress

I’ll do the technical part for you, and initially, while we’re getting it set up for the first time, I’ll host it for free (up to a month) at no charge.  “Hosting” is the term used for your web site’s physical presence on the Internet, refers to the “host computer” where your information will live, to be “served” to people when the visit your web site.

I’ll help you choose a WordPress theme (that’s the layout, the basic look-and-feel of your web site, including color schemes, pictures, number of columns, etc.), and I’ll edit the basic pages with your contact information, and any other business information you have, like an “About Us” page, some Frequently Asked Questions, and I’ll get your first blog entry or two on the site.

Cost: Built in to the set-up fee.

Step 3 – Build Out More Info Pages

Your web site will seem sparse with “just the basics,” so I’ll work with you to develop more web pages with more information.  Most of these pages will be “static pages,” meaning they won’t change much over time.  Not that they can’t be changed… but they typically aren’t changed often.

I’ll also show you how to make your own blog posts.  These are important!!  A web site with weekly blog posts is much more likely to rank higher in search engine results, and will look more interesting and inviting to first-time visitors to your site.

Before we “launch” your site, we both want to make sure your site has all the information a first-time customer will want to know about your business.

Cost: Built in to the set-up fee.

Step 4 – You’re on the Web!

Your site will be online and live already!  After the first month, there’s a $95/month fee which includes the following:

  • GoDaddy WordPress Hosting
  • I’ll monitor your site for uptime and spam, and install any updates to plugins, themes, and the WordPress core
  • I’ll run daily backups on your site
  • I’ll do up to 4 site tasks each month that you request, including creating new pages, posting new blog entries, or other changes to your site

The Site Is Yours

I’ll be hosting your WordPress site under my GoDaddy Pro site hosting plan, and I’ll maintain your domain name in my portfolio, but if at any time you want to “own” your own hosting and domain name, say the word and I’ll transfer everything over to your own GoDaddy customer ID.  I can still be your designated GoDaddy Pro and help you with your site, or if you want to move on to someone new (I’ll be sorry to see you go, but wish you well!), that’s fine too!  I have the tools to backup your site and clone it over to your own GoDaddy WordPress Hosting (and I can push it to certain other hosts as well, though for some hosts you might have to engage GoDaddy customer service for assistance).

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